Vote Your Union Values Tomorrow

Monday, November 5, 2018
Election Day is tomorrow. Throughout the state our members have been working hard to elect pro-union candidates. Below is a message from the NJ AFL-CIO talking about some of the work we did this weekend. With the doors hit, phone calls made, it is now time for Local 601 members to come out and vote. Please do your democratic duty and vote. I would encourage every member to vote for the pro-labor candidates that we have endorsed.  


NJ AFL-CIO Labor Walks

This weekend, with only three days to go before the midterm elections, organized labor showed its strength as 2,029 volunteers turned out to Labor Walks across the state. Together, the volunteers knocked on 70,015 union household doors in a final effort to educate fellow members on the benefits of voting for candidates who will place the needs of working families first.                                   

A true champion of working people, Congressional Candidate Rebecca "Mikie" Sherrill visited the Passaic CLC in Clifton, where she was greeted by a crowd of nearly 250 volunteers-all of whom were eager to show their support.

"I am standing on the shoulders of the labor movement, here today, and I truly appreciate the work you are all doing," Sherrill said, addressing the audience before they took to the streets on her behalf. "I can guarantee you that I will fight for labor issues. We have to hold the line here in New Jersey, and we have to fight hard in Congress to make sure we take back some of the ground we've lost in the last several decades."   

Sherrill is one of many candidates who is currently in a tight race. We, as a one million member strong state-wide labor movement, are her last line of defense against her opponent-a Republican controlled by the same anti-union forces that wish to strip us of our rights-and we must do whatever we can to put her over the edge.

The same goes for Senator Bob Menendez and all of our labor-endorsed candidates. If we continue to push, to seize every opportunity to educate our brothers and sisters, we can make our voices heard at the ballot box and ensure that labor has a seat at the table. This election is our chance to show our adversaries that when working people stand together, we are an unassailable force, and there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

So, let's show the nation what it means to be union strong. Let's show them that not even the multimillion-dollar smear campaigns and hateful rhetoric of Bob Hugin, Tom MacArthur, Jay Webber, Leonard Lance, and other anti-union politicians are enough to silence the unified voice of our labor movement. Let's fight for what we've earned-fairness, dignity, respect-and let's build a future we can all be proud of.