UWUA Safety Committee and the PRO Act

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Nearly one year ago our lives changed. Shutdowns began, some of our members began working from home, and many people in our lives got sick and sadly passed away. Through all of this, our members have been a vital resource to our community.

This pandemic has shown us the importance of following safety procedures both at home and on the job. I am proud to say that this commitment to safety has resulted in two of our members, LaRayne Wright and Denis Harris-Hooker being named to the UWUA Safety Committee. They will work with other UWUA members from around the country to share best practices and make everyone job sites safer.

There has also been an important bill introduced in Congress, the PRO Act. This bill would change labor law to make it fairer for working people and unions. As you will see below, the bill has support from both Democrats and Republicans within the New Jersey delegation. As the bill moves through Congress we will provide updates and any calls to action that we might need.