Negotiations Continue with Elizabeth Town Gas

Monday, April 4, 2022
In my last email, I announced that Local 601 was welcoming 70 workers at Elizabeth Town Gas. After this successful victory, the union has entered into contract negotiations with the company. This is an ongoing process. Getting the first contract is always difficult, even when an employer is not actively fighting the union, as we are establishing a framework that will work for our members and the company. We will continue these negotiations until we have a fair deal that the members will approve.
I have included a message from the New Jersey AFL-CIO about workers at Starbucks organizing. This is a national campaign and some locations have already voted in a union. There are a few locations throughout the state that have already filed to form a union and more that are likely to file in the coming weeks and months. If you frequent one of the stores that is trying to become union, please give show them some support and if your location hasn't yet filed to form a union yet, let them know the benefits of being union. These brave workers are facing an intense anti-union campaign from the company, so please let them know that UWUA Local 601 supports them.