Happy Labor Day Local 601

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Message from Noel Christmas, President    
On Saturday August 22, 2015 UWUA Local 601 had our First Annual joint Union picnic with IBEW Local 94 at Frogbridge in Millstone Township. It was attended by more than 425 members and their families. The day was beautiful and the service at Frogbridge was great. A good time was had by all and the solidarity was incredible. This kind of unity between our Unions only proves even further how much of a family we all are when you work Union! Thank you all for participating and I am looking forward to next year.
Happy Labor Day to All.
Labor Day is a celebration of working people and the progressive achievements of the labor movement. It is an occasion for us to come together as a community to appreciate the many ways in which workers keep our state running. Labor Day is a reminder of how much we all depend on each other and that by working together we can improve the world in which we live. Click the image above to find some local events you can participate in to celebrate and enjoy this important day.