Happy Labor Day Local 601

Monday, September 1, 2014

Message from Noel Christmas, President

As we honor the dedicated workers of this country, everyone should take a minute to reflect on the many things we take for granted today. Many of life's enjoyments were achieved through workers organizing and coming together. We achieved so much only because labor was organized and provided a voice to working people. Make no mistake about it, Corporate America didn't just give to you all we have today - it was fought for and earned. For example;

  1. When you have the weekends off and are barbecuing with your family. Thank Labor Unions.
  2. When you have paid vacations and enjoy quality time with your family. Thank Labor Unions.
  3. When you have medical benefits for you and your family. Thank Labor Unions.
  4. When you have paid holidays and holidays off with your family. Thank Labor Unions.
  5. When you have paid sick days. Thank Labor Unions.


Book: From the Folks Who Brought You the Weekend
History of Labor Day: History Channel (Below)