UWUA First Ever Women's Caucus Meeting

Thursday, July 2, 2015

In an historic first, a UWUA Women's Caucus will convene to discuss workplace issues that are unique to women at this year's 30th Constitutional Convention. Among the topics to be discussed are the initial recruitment and hiring practices that impede women's ability to move upward in the industry. Union membership is one way that women in the workplace achieve wage parity with men, but more needs to be done to ensure career opportunities, instead of short or nonexistent job ladders, for UWUA female members.In addition to addressing workplace issues, the caucus will provide a forum for men and women to work together to increase union participation and leadership roles for women throughout the union."How do we move forward? How do we accomplish this task? These questions will be the basis of discussion and recommendation in strategizing to propel women to leadership," says Women's Caucus Chair Valerie King, Local 601 executive secretary. "There's no stopping us now," she adds. "As women, we will continue to break down barriers, defy stereotypes, empower others and let our voices be heard!" All UWUA members (male and female) are welcome to join the caucus, whether delegate, alternate or guest.

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