Two UWUA 601 Members Join the UWUA Safety Committee

Monday, February 22, 2021
When you're a union member, you have a team of dedicated individuals committed to making sure your workplace is safe and you're able to be productive and effective at your job. This includes making sure you have proper training and adequate equipment.
Our UWUA Safety Committee is hard at work to make sure that happens.
Today we're announcing your expanded UWUA Safety Committee with the introduction of 10 new committee members. These individuals bring experience across all UWUA's industries and represent locals from across the country.
  • Erin Fitch, Local 223
  • LaRayne Wright, Local 601
  • Jena Bedaine, Local 123
  • Gretchen Benhardt, Local 455
  • Alisa Johnson, Local 223
  • Denis Harris-Hooker Local 601
  • Tamara Davis, Local G-555
  • Ronnie Brooks, Local 393
  • Greg Murarik, Local 160
  • Jason Ayala, Local 1-2 
Our new Safety Committee members are ready to hit the ground running. As always, feel free to reach out to UWUA Director of Safety Scotty MacNeill ( regarding any issues or questions and he'll refer you to your dedicated Safety Committee representative. Below are a few of the new members. Check back on UWUA's Facebook page to hear from all 10 of the new members about why they're committed to making you safer on the job.


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